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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The downs and ups.

After once again fading into obscurity and not posting for a lengthy period I am returning with an elusive blog entry. What people would criticise as poor continuity I would rather view as kindness. I only subject yourselves to good material. A clockwork, weekly blog would be manufactured and repetitive right?

Anyway, this blog comes at the end of my second cross-country season in the United States of America. It was a season of stark contrast to fall 2010 on both a personal and team level. Where injuries blighted my progression last year, the team matured and accomplished unprecedented things. Namely our first ever team ACC crown and a second place finish at the national level. In 2011, as a group, we were unable to reproduce those highs. We had a brilliant team effort at ACCs and saw ourselves come up short against a solid NC state outfit. We then went on to nationals and saw our chances of replicating a podium finish disappear amongst injuries and adverse circumstance. For myself the 2011 cross season was a much-needed boost after over a year of underperforming. To finish 16th place at the NCAA cross has been the result of nearly two years of training here. A rollercoaster ride that has seen far more troughs then peaks. I suppose that is the nature of the NCAA in that the level of competition far exceeds that of England, and even Europe, yet there can still only be one victor in any given race. I’m just thankful I kept at the grind and, true to form, hard work is always rewarded.

After nationals there was the possibility of a return home for the Europeans floating around. It was something I’d loved to have done but with UKAs policy of ‘no trials race no selection’ it was an impossible ask. Mainly due to the fact exams are coming up soon and missing three weeks of class would just be unacceptable. For that reason I finished my season and had a much needed down week of training. A cheeky little jaunt to Atlanta for thanksgiving was the new plan of action and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the time.

So the Christmas season has officially started with the commencement of ABC’s 25 days of the aforementioned and, even at 21, I’m rather excited for the festive period. With a return to England immanent and any running competition ceased until the New Year my brain seems to already be away on vacation. Unfortunately, being a student-athlete, I have the little obligation of academics to fulfil and exams upcoming in a week. For that reason I’ll be wrapping up this instalment (yes that was an awful Christmas pun) and bid you all farewell! To anyone taking exams soon good luck and for everyone travelling home to be with loved ones stay safe!!


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